Re-purposed Sounds: 12×12 Artist Dan Garrett

September 6, 2013

12x12 Art Fundraiser |
Guest Author: Lauren Gardner, OVAC Intern

For this year’s 12X12 event, Choctaw-based artist Dan Garrett hopes to give a new purpose to what he describes as “rescued” vintage order boxes from a local drive in restaurant.  Garrett, who works primarily in metal, grinds and polishes this work to transform it into something fresh and different, but the integrity and history of the piece is important to him also. 

Dan Garrett, ORDER PLEASE, Metal, Found Object, $600
He says of the process, “I started reworking the speaker boxes, taking them apart, gutting all the old wiring, dust, and assorted junk that was inside.  I washed the grime out and took care not the change the face from its original aged appearance.”  He hopes to implement new electronic elements to modify this object that was interactive in its original purpose and make it interactive in a new way.  He was interested in doing an interactive piece for 12X12 because he believes “a piece that can be ‘played with’ provides an even better chance to connect and engage with people on a more personal level, and hopefully start a conversation.”
Garrett is a native Oklahoman and has his studio in the suburb of Choctaw. Exposed to art at an early age, Dan has experimented with many art forms and is now working with metal and mixed-media as his preferred medium.

View and bid on this artwork as part of the 12×12 Art Fundraiser September 20th, along with food, fun and 149 other artists. Preview the artwork for the one-night event and purchase tickets here: