Devoted to the Packers: 24 Works on Paper Artist Michael Litzau

August 2, 2013

24 Works on Paper |

Interview by Jessika Davis & Cierra Linander, OVAC Interns

Michael Litzau, Tribute to Casey Hayward the Packers 2012 second round draft pick. #62 overall,
Hand cut scrapbook paper, 8.5” x 11”

Edmond artist Michael Litzau demonstrates what he called an “act of devotion” to the Green Bay Packers in Tribute to Casey Hayward the Packers 2012 second round draft pick. #62 overall. In this piece, Litzau utilizes an X-acto blade with a meticulous pattern of lines and shapes that flow into a rhythm that he said “was not pre-planned but considered as I started cutting.”

Could you describe the meaning behind this tribute? 
Litzau: I’m really interested in tributes in a religious sense.  When a person goes into a religious building at some point they would say a prayer, chant, or do any other physical act that connects them to a higher power or being.  It’s that moment of connection that I find interesting and that physical act which creates the connection.  I’m interested in the physical act of doing something devotional and the connection (either real or perceived) that is created.

Recently, I’ve begun to view my artwork as an offering, so to speak, to the players/team of the Green Bay Packers.  By meticulously hand cutting a paper pattern out I create an artwork that would be a worthy gift to them, thereby creating a connection between the two.  

What was your process? What factors influenced the placement of the subject?
Litzau My artwork uses scrap book paper that I cut out by hand with an X-acto blade.  The paper already has a pattern in it and I find ways to create images from that. This work was freer flowing.  The shape of the cut out area was not pre-planned but considered as I started cutting.

How much time goes into the creation of your works- meticulous layers of paper and tiny cut outs?
Litzau: I really don’t keep track of how long the works take.  I work on several pieces at once and am always switching from piece to piece.

This artwork will be featured in the 24 Works on Paper exhibition on exhibition at IAO Gallery through August 3, 2013 and touring Oklahoma through December 2014. See venues and more information at