The Four C’s of the Creative Life: Clarity, Critique, Creativity and Confidence

Workshop Description:

Your creative work matters enough for you to make the time to work. Negative self-talk, fear, and doubt will derail your creativity and productivity. Learn to take control over the anti-creating forces in your life such as procrastination and perfectionism and discover your most powerfully productive times during the day to work.

Workshop Length:

2 hours

Facility Needs:

Dry erase or chalk board, podium, table for selling books

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Romney Nesbitt

Speaker Bio:

Romney Nesbitt is a Creativity Coach, artist, author and art teacher with a BFA in art, MA in Art and a Master of Divinity degree. She is author of “Secrets from a Creativity Coach” and writes a creativity coaching column for Art Focus Oklahoma magazine. She has worked in the art field for over 30 years as a painter, teacher, college professor, illustrator and courtroom artist. She teaches a series of classes on creativity for Tulsa Community College and is an adjunct professor at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa. She presents workshops on the creative process locally and nationally. In her coaching practice, she helps people problem-solve their way out of limiting thinking in order to reach their creative goals.

Speaker Location:


Distance Willing to Travel:

200 miles on weekends, 100 miles on weekdays

Speaker Fee:


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