OVAC Artist Gallery Profile: Cynthia Brown

December 16, 2015

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The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition hosts the virtual Artist Gallery for members to show their work. With more artists unveiled all the time, the OVAC Artist Gallery is an excellent resource for anyone seeking artists for exhibitions, commissions, public art, or special projects. OVAC drives traffic to the site, and many artists have received commissions and exhibition opportunities via the OVAC Artist Gallery.

As part of this membership benefit, artists who regularly update their pages may be invited to have an interview on the blog. Today we feature OVAC member and Tulsa artist Cynthia Brown .

What is your history with OVAC?

My history with OVAC goes back to 2004 when I was featured on the Open Studio Tour as a ceramic artist. We had a fantastic time during the tour and I was happy to meet so many lovely people from the Oklahoma City area at that time. This past year I was on the Tulsa Art Studio Tour again but this time as a painter, which is my first love.

i would rather be dreaming

Cynthia Brown, I’d Rather Be Dreaming, Acrylic painting and mixed media, 2014

What inspires your work?

I am inspired by color and the senses. I am inspired by music, beauty, joyful moments, poetry, little sparks of magic! Art supplies inspire me! I love the smell and the tactile quality of drawing with oil pastel, the smooth feel of making marks with charcoal, smearing paint, dragging tools through paint and mixing colors right on the canvas. I am inspired by viewing art, talking about art and especially the process of making my paintings. Intuition plays a large part in my creative process.


Cynthia Brown, Escapades, Acrylic paint, oil and pastels, 2014

What is next on the horizon for your work?

I was delighted to to be invited to display my work in ArtNow at the Oklahoma Contemporary Museum in Jan. 2016. Also, Kasum Contemporary Fine Art is featuring my work along with sculptor, Brett McDanel from Jan. 16-February 14. 2016.  I am super excited about both of these events to start off the new year!

I will be teaching an abstract painting workshop “Painting From Your Heart” at AHHA in Tulsa Jan. 15-16. This workshop is full but I have a few other workshops planned for later on in the year.  The workshops are really fun and I enjoy sharing what I have learned along the way.

As always, I continue to work and explore the mystery of painting. It keeps me hungry for more.

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