alexis austin

Artist Statement

I view my works together as a series of mistakes, a mistake being something which was unintentional. I make the mistake, learn from it and take it into the next one. Whether I have a plan or not, because sometimes I do not, I most always start with something that is out of my control. By doing this, I become open to things I haven't thought of, or I become frustrated and force myself out of a bad situation and into a better one. What I am left with is a thing to look at that is deeply personal, something from my brain, and something that is mine.

Artist Bio

By no fault of her own, Alexis Austin was born in Oklahoma. The 90s in Oklahoma City did not seem, to her, to be an environment very accepting of anything too out of the ordinary, but she was lucky to have been raised by a family of artists, thereby immersing her in a colorful and creative little life.

Alexis was accepted into the studio art program at Oklahoma City University. Still looking for more, she moved to Chicago to attend Columbia College to focus on fashion design.

In addition to painting, she is co owner of a photography business and is a personal chef, allowing her to be creative in her personal work and in business.

Available For:

Collaboration, Commissions, Exhibitions, Retail, Featured Artist