alexis austin

Artist Statement

Life, as I know it, has been an exercise of controlling a kind of chaos. Learning to contain my brain and construct with a sense of control. It is what has to be done most of the time. Composition, color and texture encompass my work in all of everything I do. Cooking professionally, I incorporate these three always, so that I can hand over a visually appetizing dish that they WANT to eat. When editing photos for a client, I am obsessively aware of color and composition and strive to elevate the textures that already exist in the image. In my painting, I get to do my three things for me. I get to spill my mind on to a blank piece of fabric, compose & color it just for me.

Artist Bio

Born to an unwed Venezuelan student, studying abroad in beautiful Stillwater, Oklahoma, I was adopted by two loving parents. I grew up in Oklahoma City with them, and three outgoing, energetic younger sisters. I felt out of place a lot of the time, but found comfort in watching my mother and uncle use their artistic talents to do amazing things. I knew from a young age that I had the same affinity for the arts. I majored in studio art at Oklahoma City University for a while, but also managed to fit in a year in Chicago with a focus on fashion design. After a years long dry spell, I have suddenly found myself swimming in paintings, and I am grateful.

Available For:

Collaboration, Commissions, Exhibitions, Retail, Featured Artist