Amber DuBoise-Shepherd

Artist Statement

My drawings and paintings depict the stories that I heard as a child. My mother and father told Navajo, Sauk & Fox, and Prairie Band Potawatomi legends to my brother and me. I use oil paint, pen & ink, markers, and watercolor to show the complicated stories in a visual way. I illustrate these larger than life beings interacting with people in contemporary everyday life. I use different styles with different mediums so I can bridge the traditional Native American subjects with more modern contemporary styles. I work with old and new in various ways to create a bridge for viewers to see these stories differently.

Artist Bio

Amber L. DuBoise-Shepherd depicts contemporary Native American narratives based on her family heritage. Her mixed media pieces and oil paintings reference an illustrative quality. She has an Associates of Art from Seminole State College and completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Spring 2016 at Oklahoma State University. She was accepted into Momentum March 2017 in Oklahoma that was sponsored by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. DuBoise-Shepherd was also a speaker for Native American artist of Oklahoma at the Indigenous Arts Ecology presented by First Peoples Fund. DuBoise was also one of two selected for the first ever Red Earth’s Emerging Artist Award in 2018.

Available For:

Commissions, Exhibitions