Angie Piehl

Angie Piehl
Lives in: Stillwater, OK

Artist Statement

Angela Piehl's work addresses luxury, accumulation, and alienation from Nature. Piehl considers these topics from a gendered perspective, and her images create allegorical and narrative allusions to decadent femininity, loneliness, and opulent decay. Piehl sketches from accumulations of collaged material culled from popular media sources. Images with an inherent, suggestive codification for femininity, as well as bourgeois lifestyle and behavior, become visually translated through the elaborate decorative elements and forms in her drawings. Piehl abstracts and re-combines these elaborately decodecorative elements with suggestive, organic forms.

Artist Bio

Angela Piehl has exhibited widely, in national, international, juried and invitational exhibitions. Piehl’s work is part of Kala Art Institute's Permanent Collection, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art Collection, and the NMSU Art Gallery’s Permanent Collection. Piehl has participated in many public lectures addressing her work and research, and issues of contemporary queer art and art practice at various national conferences on gender and sexuality. Piehl has served as a visiting artist lecturer at several universities and participated in competitive Artist Residency programs. Her work has been generously supported with grant funding from OVAC and OSU.

Available For:

Commissions, Exhibitions, Teaching/Demos