Beth Burgess

Artist Statement

Weaving together wire I create characters that have the illusion of order and perfection stripped away in order to reveal their true complexity and struggles. I examine the dichotomy between physical presentation and the true self that develops as a result of social pressures, and our own instinctual wants and desires. Visually, I confront values and highlight absurdities. I record the aura of my time and place and seek to inspire conversation addressing the challenges of contemporary culture.

Artist Bio

Beth Burgess manipulates wire, epoxy clay, fabric, and wood to create elaborate characters with intimate detail. Primarily self-taught, she first submitted her artwork for public viewing at the age of 30, and won an Honorable Mention at the Momentum group exhibit at the Living Arts. She has received two consecutive first price awards from the Dennis R Neill Equality Center. Her work has been discussed on Tulsa Public Radio in an interview with Kirstin Olds. She has experience teaching private art lessons and volunteering as an art instructor at the Day Center for the Homeless. She is now makes interactive work incorporating electronics and gears.

Available For:

Commissions, Exhibitions, Teaching/Demos, Featured Artist