Cecilia Villalobos

Artist Statement

As I work, I often consider mankind’s natural environment and all of the different ways that it can be defined. I want to search for this definition through a continuous study of the way that humans manipulate their surroundings.
My figure work explores the stress between a sexual, self-aware world and a conservative community that refuses to look. I ask whether we can view our own bodies and each other’s humbly. I try, always, to be aware of the traditions of artists who have come before me while also building from what I know of life in Oklahoma.

Artist Bio

Cecilia Villalobos is a visual artist from Skiatook, Oklahoma. After graduating from Rogers State University in 2014, she left Oklahoma to travel, seeing many of Europe’s renowned museums, churches, and historical sites.
Strongly affected by her extended personal studies of art, history, and architecture in Paris and Barcelona, Cecilia is influenced by early 20th century European artists, such as French Impressionists and Cubists. She is also influenced by American artists like Robert Rauschenberg. She works to make the truest marks on her canvas to capture the energy of her subject with her own unique view.

Available For:

Collaboration, Commissions, Exhibitions, Public Art, Teaching/Demos, Featured Artist