Douglas G Gordon

Artist Statement

My art is very much like my life. I seek out new, out of the way places and people to discover and enjoy. I explore the unusual and the new as well as the old and ancient.
I visit art galleries, street Artists, children painting, children playing, people doodling, deserted beaches, run down shacks and posh houses.
I look at every shape, medium and surface, listen to people, music, life. I feel every emotion. I digest and let it evolve. Then I chose the medium, the colours, the surface, the tool and then I create. Always evolving to avoid stagnation.

Artist Bio

ArtPrize Artist, Solo shows in Norman, Oklahoma, Shawnee and Seminole, three person show at Graceful Arts Center in Alva Oklahoma. Self-taught, Abstract Artist and photographer. Grew up in Scotland. Open to new shows and commissions

Available For:

Collaboration, Commissions, Exhibitions, Public Art, Retail, Featured Artist