ElQuan Okonjo

ElQuan Okonjo
Lives in: Tulsa,OK
Email: elquanokonjo@gmail.com

Artist Statement

My work explores the range of intense dark emotions, the processes of death and rebirth, along with my discernment of the collective unconscious and the fragmented self. This work has emerged by dealing with the realities of growing up in a tumultuous environment and how it's made a lasting impact on how I drift through life. While making art or behind the camera, I confronted mental injuries that lead to my self misunderstanding. Using art to learn the lessons from my childhood experiences, has helped guide me through the difficult processes of transformation, and psychological healing.

Artist Bio

Okonjo explores socio-geographic landscapes and intuition-based art making practices. Okonjo is attracted to compositional strategies that generate questions and reflection by capturing and investigating his own experiential reality. His fascination with capturing the surreal moments within reality not only defines his photography, but also anchors the emotional honesty found in his paintings.

Available For:

Collaboration, Commissions, Exhibitions