Fran Barton

Fran Barton
Lives in: Oklahoma City

Artist Statement

Due to many years as a dance director, I am attracted to color, form, and movement in the world around me. As a photographer I seek to capture the artistry inherent in nature, as well as the created artistry of man. Art is communication, and through my images I seek to communicate the grandeur and power of the world we live in, which sometimes goes unnoticed in our hurried lives.

Artist Bio

High school Coordinator of Fine Arts and Dance Director for 34 years. Began full-time photography career in 2012. Juried exhibits and shows include: National Weather Center Biennale 2015 & 2017; Paseo Arts Assoc.: PhotoFest 2012-2017, receiving an Award of Merit in 2012, Small Art Exhibit 2012-2017; Photography Juried Exhibit, Goddard Art Center, 1st Place Nature; the Artisan Mkt. at the Railyard, Santa Fe, 2012-14; Northern NM Arts & Crafts Guild, Cathedral Park Show, July 2012, Sept. 2014. Featured artist at Sauced on Paseo, OKC, June 2013. Master of Fine Arts degree from University of Oklahoma.

Available For:

Collaboration, Commissions, Exhibitions, Retail, Featured Artist