Grace Grothaus Grimm

Artist Statement

For better or for worse, we experience a lot of life through backlit screens – our phones, laptops, & TVs. As our media consumption has undergone a shift from paper to flickering screen, so too do I think painting is undergoing a shift. Painting has always taken on the role of describing and commenting on contemporary life. Why then would painting not also take on this new visual language and become backlit? I create backlit works that still follow traditional approaches toward painting, but they also take on a whole new set of techniques as well. These paintings communicate about the world around us today, using the visual language to which we have become accustomed to.

Artist Bio

Grace Grothaus Traditional with a twist, infusing passion into daily life & in the business of translating dreams into reality. With a good enough idea, she believes anything is possible. Her paintings can be found locally at the MA Doran and JRB Gallleries. She is a past Art365 grant winner and has exhibited at the World Creativity Biennale in Rio de Janeiro. Her art has been featured on the front page of, and covers of Art Focus magazine and This Land Press. She earned her degrees at the Kansas City Art Institute and also studied at the University of Oklahoma.