Janetta Smith

Artist Statement

I enjoy working with composition, shapes and vivid colors in acrylic, mixed media and photography.

Each piece develops its own aura and vibe as my work comes alive during the creation process. My new acrylic-on-acrylic art creates an energy and excitement wherever they are displayed. Whether I am painting abstracts, or life, my personality shows through with emotion evoking color and depth. I love to create contemporary art finding that perfect balance between the real world and the imagined.

Artist Bio

Janetta has been a professional photographer for over 15 years and provides her clients with architectural, landscape and business related photographs. Her photography has been features in art galleries and shows.

Janetta has studied under internationally renowned expressionist artist, Bert Seabourn. Finding her voice in acrylics, she now primarily works with acrylics and mixed media. She continues her learning experience with Mr. Searbourn and also studies with New Mexico artist, Sandra Duran Wilson.

Her New Mexico and Oklahoma heritage is the foundation for the personality of her pieces. She loves to express herself with rich colors and simple designs.

Available For:

Collaboration, Commissions, Exhibitions, Public Art, Retail, Featured Artist