Jeff Hogue

Jeff Hogue
Lives in: Bartlesville

Artist Statement

I typically work from a sort of short or “sudden fiction” narrative and link this to a series of photographic image ideas at a time. Occasionally something in a random image will evoke a concept or feeling that will trigger a flow of ideas. Many of my core ideas have emerged from, or are linked to key moments in my peak life experiences that are generally as mysterious and perplexing as they were the day they first occurred. In many ways, all that I come into contact with has been influenced by such moments. I've always suffered a sort of unbridled curiosity that prompts me to leap around from medium to medium, technique to technique and concept to concept.

Artist Bio

While much of my work is in the solitude of my studio, I love working with people and have organized a few collaborations over the years. For the past thirty years I've been obsessed with notions of “authentic community as interdisciplinary collaboration.” As M. Scott Peck once said, "In and through community lies the salvation of the world." I believe, as the art critic and theorist, Suzi Galbik has repeatedly asserted, that “we are moving from "art as object" to "art as relationship."