Jim Weaver

Jim Weaver
Lives in: Ada, Oklahoma
Email: jim@jww-art.com
Website: www.jww-art.com

Artist Statement

I use the techniques of western-style leather carving to represent natural resources, history, and spirituality. Usually the ground is cut open to show the earth and its resources. I call the anvil, buffalo, whale, crown, gold nugget, oil derrick, Devil’s Tower, gas stations, etc., my characters, and they reappear in different projects and contexts. Often I hint at meanings in the titles or a visual context as the gold nugget which can't tip the scales of justice. Still I want the projects to be open ended, so viewers see what they will in the images.

From this basis I've begun making block prints from the tooled leather and continue refining these techniques.

Artist Bio

I've studied and practiced leather carving for fifteen years, but have looked at and studied art of all kinds for many years.

Available For:

Collaboration, Commissions, Exhibitions, Retail, Teaching/Demos