Julie Marks Blackstone

Julie Marks Blackstone
Lives in: Shawnee, OK
Email: julesweaves@gmail.com

Artist Statement

Am I serious about my artwork? Good question…and probably the answer would vary from day to day.
I do know that I’m quite serious about teaching art, and feel that it’s not merely a job, but a calling. I’m nearly always creating art in front of an audience of eager students, and at times that can be difficult. Sometimes I struggle, and the artwork may suffer as a result, but even failure provides a teaching moment, so the almost-eternal optimist in me can still say, “This is good.”

Artist Bio

In first grade I was frequently in trouble for losing pencils. I pleaded my innocence, but to no avail. Several decades later the mystery was solved: a friend confessed that she’d stolen those pencils, because she thought they were magic. Needless to say, she was forgiven.
After a stint at creating stained glass at the old Glasshaus Studio, I moved to Shawnee, and began working in the Ceramics lab at OBU. I’m now an assistant professor of art, teaching primarily high craft: ceramics, fibers, and stained glass, with color theory and the occasional figure drawing class thrown in for fun.

Available For:

Commissions, Exhibitions