Kyndall Rainey

Artist Statement

Nature is a great storyteller. Even the simplest leaf can speak to storms weathered, seasons past and even of new life coming. The more time I spend in nature, the more I understand about surviving the storms in my own life.

As I create, I want to share the ethereal feeling I get when I make the connection between my own life and the resilience of nature. As I mix various mediums and materials, I often find a harmonious interaction between them. It’s the process of creating that always reminds me of the peace I found when I was near the ocean or by my favorite tree. Even though there will always be storms in life, I find positivity in the constant recreation of nature

Artist Bio

Kyndall studied Art at the Kansas City Art Institute and graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma, where she received her B.A. in Arts Education. Her emphasis in painting, but also creates ceramics, and jewlery. She is currently the Middle School Art teacher at Crossings Christian School and has taught summer art workshops for high school students, and Wine and Pallet classes for adults. When Kyndall isn’t creating or teaching art, she enjoys going to coffee shops, concerts, and traveling.

Available For:

Collaboration, Commissions, Exhibitions, Teaching/Demos, Featured Artist