Lisa Jean Allswede

Artist Statement

Reflecting on the challenges of equality and stereotypes, the curious images I create examine society’s idea of beauty, social issues, and cultural diversity. Unfortunately, we live in a world where one’s differences are somehow a flaw, instead of qualities to celebrate.

In my work, I embrace the untold beauties found in imperfections. Using my Huskystar 219 sewing machine, I fluctuate between stitches, tension, and width to create loops and snarls on top of a paper surface. These tangled-up threads become whimsical lines that add depth to each image. Flaws become a thing of beauty, not a rejection.

Artist Bio

Lisa Jean’s creative path took root in a farming community in Michigan. In 1990, she received her BFA in painting from the University of Michigan and in 2011, a M.Ed in Art Education from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA. Lisa integrates her educational background into artwork that inspires a curiosity of differences. This past May, she became the gallery owner of The Project Box in the Paseo. Her work has exhibited in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Available For:

Collaboration, Commissions, Exhibitions, Featured Artist, Public Art, Retail, Teaching/Demos