Mariah Addis

Artist Statement

I’m intrigued by concepts of growth and totality, of movement and rigidity. How these concepts interact, how they collude and collide with each other is something I try to explore in my work. A teapot has a definite function but its form, the way it looks and feels, can be manipulated. The graphed irregular patterns I use to decorate my pieces with, the pooling of the glaze and the posture of the form aim to express a movement and elasticity, a kind of breaking free from rigidity.

Artist Bio

Born November 16, 1991, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Graduated Union High School, 2010
AA, Tulsa Community College, 2013
BFA, University of Central Oklahoma, 2017

Available For:

Collaboration, Commissions, Exhibitions, Public Art, Retail, Teaching/Demos, Featured Artist