Mark Wittig

Artist Statement

The lived experience of disabilities is the primary subject matter for my creative research. I attended the Child Study Center for three years, a school for students with learning disabilities where I became intrigued with disabilities research. I am inspired by the larger disabled community to create artworks that comment on the first person disabled experience. To this end, I create interactive artworks using photography, sound installations, and sculpture. I am always striving to develop new work that precisely combine elements which clearly emphasize the empowerment potential of creating artwork that openly talks about the lived experience of learning disabilities.

Artist Bio

I actively show my artwork locally, regionally, and nationally. To Give a Voice: Photographic Portraits and Oral Histories of the Disability Community, was peer reviewed by the Society for Disability Studies and was part of the Ohio State University Multiple Perspectives Conference. The performance and wooden sculpture The Morning Paper, was part of the group exhibition Revealing Culture, an international juried exhibition that was at the Smithsonian Institute’s International Gallery in Washington. Three-dimensional printed photographic portraits were part of Please Touch the Art an exhibition designed with a focus on accessibility for visitors who are visually impaired.

Available For:

Exhibitions, Teaching/Demos, Featured Artist