Marwin Begaye

Marwin Begaye
Lives in: Norman

Artist Statement

As Indian people we are quite good at making our world beautiful. This aesthetic Inheritance has dominated my work as it has developed from purely objective images, dancers and portraits, to the abstract work referencing my community and our ceremonial life ways. This need to make things beautiful comes to me from a long line of artists in our family who live to achieve hozhó, the Navajo concept of being centered in beauty. This continues to be relevant for me artistically and personally.

Artist Bio

Marwin Begaye is an internationally exhibited printmaker, painter and nationally recognized graphic designer. As Assistant Professor of Painting and Printmaking at the University of Oklahoma. His research has been concentrated on issues of cultural identity, especially the intersection of traditional American Indian culture and pop culture. He also has conducted research in the technical aspects of relief printing and the use of mixed-media. His work has been exhibited nationally across the U.S. and internationally New Zealand, Argentina, Paraguay, Italy, Siberia, China, Australia and Estonia.