Paul Bagley

Paul Bagley
Lives in: The city of Oklahoma City

Artist Statement

Fundamentally I’m attempting to uncover the origins of art and how that reverberates in the contemporary world. Remembrance, ritual, and paradox are common threads throughout much of my efforts. My 3D work is generally site-specific or event-specific and invites interactivity. Material origin and methods of up-cycling are often considerations. I hope to become more involved in elaborate projects that cross-pollinate art, function, and natural science.

Artist Bio

Aside from teaching, my professional activity and achievement as an artist is historically applied art and design that started in 1990 when was hired into an art department. In 2006 I learned of and began to seek available grants to fund my personal but public art projects. I continue to seek public art commissions which is open to collaborations.

Notable influences include working with Architect and Artist Paolo Soleri, exposure to contemporary art while living in Chicago, adventures throughout China, exploring my direct Irish heritage, participating in Burning Man, and the extremities of biology and geography of the Western U.S.

Available For:

Collaboration, Commissions, Public Art, Teaching/Demos