Trace Logan

Artist Statement

Art is a form of communication. Abstract art is stripped down to its most basic elements. I want to convey information without using standard modes of communication. So I experiment with color, texture, and composition to create pieces that are visually compelling, show depth and complexity of space without getting bogged down with culturally loaded objects. In that spirit I use palette knives, acrylic paint, computer software, pen and ink, water, my camera, scraps of paper, rulers, painter’s tape ... any item at hand because my focus is the aesthetic and what I use to express my message is, to me, inconsequential.

Artist Bio

Born and raised in Philadelphia Trace Logan has lived in OKC for several years. Logan drew extensively from a young age as self expression and to better understand the world. A background in graphic design led to a preference for well defined lines more typically found in commercial art. An interest in understanding why people are the way they are (what motivations, fears, experiences, and thoughts dictate their actions) led to the attainment of a psychology degree. Logan worked in mental health for over a decade and tries to maintain a certain level of ambiguity in the artwork to allow the viewer to project their own experiences and feelings onto the piece.

Available For:

Collaboration, Commissions, Exhibitions, Retail