Together & Now: Charlie Mylie & Lindsey Griffith

February 13, 2013

Concept |
The Concept/OK:Art in Oklahoma exhibition welcomes the public until February 16 at the new Tulsa Arts and Humanities Council’s Hardesty Arts Center. Admission is free of charge. See for more information. 

Through a partnership with the Charlotte Street Foundation, the Focus artists will also present their work at the La Esquina gallery in Kansas City in March 2013. The Focus OK-KC component includes four Oklahoma artists and five Kansas City, MO artists developing new work for the exhibitions in both Tulsa and Kansas City. Read more in this Art Focus Oklahoma magazine article about the Focus artists. 

Watch Lindsey Griffith & Charlie Mylie’s artist profile video
Kansas City, MO 
Project Statement: 
There is a card from a deck of propositions, the Oblique Strategies, which reads: “Gardening, Not Architecture.” This is how Lindsey and Charlie approach experience creation. They cultivate nourishing moments with interpersonal tools like honesty, receptivity, fearlessness, sincere zeal, and the youthful strength of YOLO [you only live once] in the fertile beds of novelty, intimacy, danger, excitement, desire, and experiments. Lindsey and Charlie have been experimenting with intimacy and playing together across Kansas City since they met in June 2012. Their efforts and findings have been channeled into art projects, a to-do list consultation service, KC Free Skool classes, and a zine,The Sweetness of Raw Fruit.
Lindsey Griffith is a Kansas City artist and performer. She is currently creating zines, to-do lists, and visceral experiences for herself and others. Lindsey writes, builds, creates, and performs with the collaborative Whoop Dee Doo. She performs as Wet Clown on their traveling faux public-access kids show. Lindsey eagerly teaches and learns with KC Free Skool. Her current to-do list includes baking a half-birthday cake and teaching herself lock picking. 
Griffith works collaboratively with Charlie Mylie, a Kansas City artist that is finding pleasure in emergent life that springs from collaborative work. “You like to have fun; you find fun in the educational encounters between the everyday and the absolutely novel. You work in a gallery, teach art classes at a community center, and participate in the fresh, local educational models of Rad School and KC FREE SKOOL. You also live and work in collective housing that tries to restore lost homes in a blighted urban area. Mostly you like games and are tickled by the challenge of this grand one we’re playing.”