Internship Information

Are you interested in learning more about artists in Oklahoma? Resources for artists? Exhibitions? Non-profit administration?

Currently we have four positions available:

  • Arts Administration Intern
  • Event & Program Intern
  • Development Intern
  • NEWMarketing Intern


  • Candidates must commit to a minimum of 10 hours per week during the summer semester, and 8 hours in spring & fall semesters.
  • Unpaid.
  • Can offer school credit if coordinated by college.

Spring deadline: December 31
Summer deadline: April 30
Fall deadline: July 31
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Working alongside OVAC staff, interns are exposed to the daily management of an artist service organization and gain access to the people, events and resources of the state’s arts community. Interns assist in OVAC’s daily operation, carrying out administrative, technical and research duties, as well as special projects. 

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Intern 1

“I am forever grateful to have gotten to work in the OVAC office. They are all so encouraging and supportive and cannot wait to see you do great things, not only for them but also in the art world and community. As much as you’re doing for them as an intern, they want to do for you in your life after an intern. As an artist and recent graduate, I do not think I would be in the place I am in right now without their support and the resources and opportunities OVAC has given me.”
Cayla Lewis, 2012 Intern