OVAC Artist Gallery Profile: Katherine Puterka

November 17, 2015

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The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition hosts the virtual Artist Gallery for members to show their work. With more artists unveiled all the time, the OVAC Artist Gallery is an excellent resource for anyone seeking artists for exhibitions, commissions, public art, or special projects. OVAC drives traffic to the site, and many artists have received commissions and exhibition opportunities via the OVAC Artist Gallery.

As part of this membership benefit, artists who regularly update their pages may be invited to have an interview on the blog. Today we feature OVAC member and Stillwater artist Katherine Puterka. This interview was conducted by our current intern Jonathan Johnson. 

Jonathan Johnson: What is your history and involvement with OVAC? 

Katherine Puterka: I have not participated long with OVAC. I became a member when I was a student in February of 2015. My Capstone professor encouraged to go to workshops and make a profile on OVAC and that is when I became an active member. It has been a very useful tool to be involved with OVAC’s programs, workshops, and community.

Pearl Jewelry Shawl

Katherine Puterka (Smith), Pearl Jewelry Shawl

While designing jewelry, do you create with a specific kind of person in mind? Who would that be and why?

I never picture a certain type of person wearing my work when creating my jewelry. I create something I would like to wear. Women, though, are my audience, and as a woman, I tend to create jewelry that, when worn, would empower women to be confident and poised.


Katherine Puterka (Smith), Garnet Jewelry Shawl

With your recent graduation, how receptive do you feel the art community in Oklahoma  is to newcomers or fresh-faces?
I have been very lucky to have such great guidance from my undergrad professors of where to look to place my style of art. I have been surprised though by small galleries to even western based galleries that have been open to show my art. The best thing you can do is ask!

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