OVAC Intern Profile: Alex Ogle

April 28, 2014


This is a guest post by one of our current spring interns, Alex Ogle. Alex shares his unique perspective (and humor) as an intern.

Alex, how did you first hear about OVAC?

Well I’m originally from a place called “Texas.”  I graduated from TCU with a BFA in Painting last May then moved to Oklahoma. I was searching for art related jobs in the area when I discovered OVAC’s website in October and decided to apply for an internship in the Spring.


I was genuinely impressed by the organization’s commitment to helping practicing artists. Oftentimes artists are left on their own to try to make their way as best they can with little outside help, which is a daunting task.  OVAC exists to help artists succeed in what they are trying to do, offering real help, which is what drew me to the organization.  Also, I was excited to gain job experience that didn’t involve a cash register at Panera.

What does an average day as an intern at OVAC look like?

I jaunt into the office at 10 am twice a week. I am greeted warmly by the staff and feel welcomed every time. I smile bashfully at the attention then go to the intern computer to get started. I am then given instructions for what I need to do. This can be a wide variety of tasks ranging from letter stuffing, filing, working on the database, attending lectures, working on the website, accompanying Kelsey to television studios, helping at OVAC events, helping prepare OVAC events such as Momentum and the Tulsa Studio Tour, researching art events, engaging in pleasant and informative conversation with the staff, organizing the office and back room, and much more.

What surprised you the most about OVAC?

Well, working at Panera 45 hours a week has forced me into certain habits. For instance at the end of my first day at OVAC, I proceeded to inventory and pack away all the pastries and bread in the office refrigerator. Kerry informed me that wasn’t necessary.  I was a bit surprised but shrugged it off and then started to vacuum and mop the whole office. Kerry again informed me that I didn’t need to scrub the whole place down every time before I left. Well that really floored me.

How has your time at OVAC been?

It’s been exactly what I hoped for.  It has given me firsthand experience with a non-profit in the art field. It has been rewarding to give my time to an effort which seeks to help others and which seeks to promote art. I am convinced after interning here that OVAC’s work is invaluable for Oklahoma.

If you are interested in applying for an OVAC Intern Position, email a resume and cover letter to Kerry Azzarello at office@ovac-ok.org. Deadline for summer is April 30th!