A Boundary of Man, Animal, and Intervention: Klair Larason, Momentum OKC 2016 Spotlight Artist

December 10, 2015

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As a part of Momentum OKC, three artists will receive $2,000 Momentum Spotlight commissions to create new artwork with feedback from guest curators. Selected Momentum Spotlight artists are Klair Larason of Oklahoma City, Haley Prestifilippo of Norman, and Gloria Shows of Oklahoma City.

Klair Larason uses discarded gum wrappers to gild organic materials like animal skulls, scorched wood, or wasp nests. Larason received one of three Spotlight awards for Momentum OKC for their project A Boundary of Man, Animal, and Intervention, which will debut at Momentum OKC, March 4 &5.

“I am creating work that speaks to the constantly moving line of where human and nature meet,” says Larason, “At most times, this line is completely blurred; man once belonging to nature, is now separated by distinctions like machinery, homes, climate change, consumption of other animals, and transportation. My work illustrates that line, what once was and what has now changed.”

Parallel to this, Larason is exploring their personal history. Adopted at birth, Larason feels disconnected to their Costa Rican heritage.

“I seek to answer questions of origin and intervention in my art,” Larason says. “In my own life, I experience an upheaval over whether or not I belong in the environment in which I was born.”


Klair Larason, “Sullied,” Gum Wrapper Foil on Wood, Bobcat Skull

In A Boundary of Man, Animal, and Intervention Larason will create a body of work depicting native Costa Rican animals, using an environmental lens to examine identity. Larason will create both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, illustrating native species and embellishing skeletons with man-made brightly colored foil.

“Contrasting these irregular, faulted, natural bones, the foil is bright, colorful and metallic; the foil gains an otherworldly property compared to what it rests on,” says Larason. “This is how I illustrate a sharp boundary between man and animal, my work changes rapidly between something completely manmade and something untouched by people.”

klair_larason-Larason10 (1)

Klair Larason, “Surf,” Gum Wrapper Foil, Melted Plastic, Cattle Skull

At the exhibition openings March 4 & 5, visitors will be able to see Larason’s works and uncover the dileniation between nature and humanity.

“In this work, I will look to illustrate this line and boundary, to find a line between whom I am and who I could have been,” says Larason.

Momentum OKC features visual art by young Oklahomans, March 4 & 5. Oklahoma artists 30 and younger are invited to submit works to Momentum OKC’s survey exhibition, deadline January 25 by 5pm. Learn more at www.MomentumOklahoma.org