Office Hours with an Expert

The Office Hours series offers the opportunity for Oklahoma artists to meet with a subject matter expert at a reduced rate. OVAC secures an expert in a field beneficial to artists and offers one-on-one sessions by appointment.

Upcoming Office Hours:

On August 29th, we’ll have Office Hours with Douglas Sorocco, Intellectual Property Attorney!

If you find yourself struggling with copyright issues and unsure how to navigate the muddy waters to protect your artwork. here’s a chance to gain some insight.

There are 6 more available sessions. Each one-on-one session is 30 minutes long and $15. You’ll complete and return a questionnaire prior to the appointment, so your session will be about your specific needs and you’ll be able to hit the ground running.


Past Office Hours:

Office Hours With a Curator

Office Hours With a Networking Coach

Check back soon for more information on Office Hours!