OVAC ANNUAL ARTIST SURVEY: Report – Suggestions for Virtual Gallery

April 29, 2013

OVAC Artist Survey
This post is the fifth in the series of posts (see the series here) examining the feedback and concerns expressed in the OVAC artist survey. We received over 250 responses from artists around the state.

Suggestion #6: My Virtual Gallery updates aren’t there yet or I want to update my Virtual Gallery images myself.
The Virtual Gallery provides an online portal for people looking for Oklahoma artists. Featuring almost 500 Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition members’ artwork, the Virtual Gallery is searchable and constantly being updated.

An average of 5,000 unique pageviews occur on the site monthly. We hear from gallery owners, curators, public art administrators and others who rely on the site to see artists who live and work in our state.

Meanwhile, the website is based on antiquated software. The Virtual Gallery launched in 2003 with OVAC staff entering text into our database, scanning slides (yes, we still received mostly slide submissions!), and posting manually online. Since its launch, digital cameras have proliferated and online image sharing sites have been born.

Now most Virtual Gallery uploads are digital, of course, but still an OVAC staff member must process each image before it’s loaded. Our system does not have a way for users to post artwork themselves.

We are in early planning for a new website. We anticipate debuting the site in late fall and hope that major upgrades to the Virtual Gallery will be part of that revamp. Meanwhile, if you have questions about the site, ask Kerry Azzarello who manages it.

On this question, we definitely wish we’d asked for our survey respondent’s contact info because one person offered to volunteer time to help us get caught up on Virtual Gallery submissions. If you’re reading this and want to help, please let us know!