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MOMENTUM 2018: Event Info

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The Momentum exhibition works with Oklahoma artists ages 30 and younger in a venue created specifically for them, helping them gain experience and meet new audiences. Attendees encounter film, performance, new media, installation, music and more.

Momentum 2018
March 9 & 10, 8-11pm
Sponsor Hour: March 9, 7-8pm

Gold Dome
1112 NW 23rd St.
OKC, Ok 73106

Free gallery hours: Sunday, March 11, 2-7pm
Spotlight Artists’ Talk: Sunday, March 11, 6pm
Spotlight Artists Preview Exhibition: February 22 – June 22, 21c Museum Hotel, OKC
Spotlight ProjectExhibition: March 13 – 30, Mitchell Education Center, University of Central Oklahoma

Spotlight Artists:
Brenna Baer, Stillwater
Marissa Raglin, Oklahoma City
Chris Schultz, Oklahoma City

Curator: Anna Katherine Brodbeck
Emerging Curator: Bianca Martucci-Fink

Momentum 2018 Artwork Selections

Participating Artist Info.

Local music acts:
Friday, March 9:
7-8:30pm Samuel Regan
9-10:30pm Haniwa

Saturday, March 10:
8-9:15pm Jarvix
9:45-10:30pm Original Flow and the Fervent Route

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All tickets purchased in advance will be held at will call. No physical tickets will be provided.

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Momentum Sponsorship Form

Advancing the next generation of artists, the annual Momentum exhibition exemplifies OVAC’s encouragement for young emerging artists. Our local committee needs your help to ensure the success of the event – for artists and the community.

This year, we present Momentum again in Oklahoma City. Returning with a market and various animated spaces, Momentum will feature visual art, performances & live music over two exciting nights:
March 9 & 10, 8-11pm
Sponsor Hour: March 9, 7-8pm
Free Gallery Hours: March 12, 2-6pm
For acknowledgement on all appropriate materials, respond by January 8, 2018.

  • Sponsorship Levels

  • Headline Sponsors of $2,500+ will receive:
    1/2 page advertisement in Art Focus Oklahoma Magazine
    Top level acknowledgement with logo on all promotional materials
    15 tickets to Momentum
    10 tickets to VIP Cocktails and Spotlight Preview
    Acknowledgement on all promotional materials as Headline Sponsor
    Social media mentions & shout outs

    Supersonic Sponsors of $1,000+ receive:
    12 tickets to Momentum
    6 tickets to VIP Cocktails and Spotlight Preview
    Artist Honorable Mention Award named after business
    Acknowledgement on advertisements, posters, fliers, event signage & website
    Social media mentions & shout outs
    Public announcement & special thanks by MC at event

    Transonic Sponsors of $500+ receive:
    8 tickets to Momentum
    4 tickets to VIP Cocktails and Spotlight Preview
    Acknowledgement on posters, event signage, social media & website

    Sonic Sponsors of $200+ receive:
    4 tickets to Momentum
    2 tickets to VIP Cocktails and Spotlight Preview
    Acknowledgement on event signage, website & social media

    Velocity Sponsors of $100+ receive:
    2 tickets to Momentum
    Acknowledgement on event signage, website & social media

    Sponsors of $50+ receive:
    1 ticket to Momentum
    Acknowledgement on social media, website and our gratitude

    Corporate sponsorship levels are also available. Please contact us for details.

    For acknowledgement on all materials, please respond by January 8, 2018.
    More information: 405.879.2400

2018 Momentum Sponsors

MOMENTUM: Applicant Info

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s Momentum annually features Oklahoma artists ages 30 years and younger, working in all media including 2D and 3D art, film, installations, performance and more. The exhibition presents a diversified look at young artistic talent in Oklahoma

Applications for Momentum 2018 are now closed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Momentum Selection Process:

Q: What do curators do?
A: There is always more artwork than there is space. So, we recruit opinionated, arts-educated people to select what they consider the best work. No committee members or OVAC staff are involved in the decision making so that the curators can look at the artwork without influence. Of course, this process is based on subjective judgments about the quality of artwork. The decisions must be subjective because it’s based on personal opinions about what makes good work. The curators always spend time with the work – looking at it and trying to understand it. Even artwork that one person loves might not resonate with another person.

Q: Who are the curators?
A: We always have different guest curators in order to get different perspectives. The volunteer committee recruits people who are artists or active curators.

Q: What tips do you have to increase my chances of being selected?
A: Some things that help curators pick art could include: outstanding images of your artwork and good presentation (Does anything distract from your work such as distracting backgrounds, poor lighting, an over-sized signature or unfinished edges?).

Less tangible reasons why curators select artwork include things like: expressing a clear vision, comprehensible design elements, careful consideration of materials for concept, scale appropriate to idea, and original concepts or experimentation.

Get tips for creating stronger submissions in this post on the OVAC blog.

More information for potential Momentum artists here:

Q: Can I get specific comments on my work?
A: Because the curators have such limited time, we are not able to give detailed comments to artists who enter. We do encourage you to get feedback anywhere you can. Galleries, friends, other artists are great places to get feedback about your work and to see if you are communicating your ideas and concepts effectively.

Q: How did Momentum begin?
A: The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition is a statewide non-profit organization that was created just to support artists. As one way to help and reward young artists, OVAC started Momentum in 2002 in Oklahoma City and in 2004 in Tulsa. A committee of volunteers helps to plan the event. The committee is made up of young artists and professionals who give their time to make the event happen. If you are interested in being involved in planning Momentum, you can email your interest to Sterling at Momentum does cost money to put together and funds come from financial sponsors, ticket sales, percentages of art sales and grant money raised by OVAC and it’s committee members.

Q: Why does this exhibition have an age limit of 30 years old?
A: This exhibition was created specifically to promote and bring together young artists. The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition has programs that support artists at many different stages of their careers– from funding to exhibits. It is important to us that our programs help artists as they are getting started, restarted, or continuing already successful careers. We also consider it important that our programs do not duplicate things other organizations are doing. Thus, we do not put together exhibitions unless they fill a completely different need.

We have other programs that provide visibility and funding for artists of all ages, emerging and established, throughout the year. If you aren’t eligible for Momentum, please look at our other exhibitions such as Art 365, Concept and 24 Works on Paper, funding sources: grants and fellowships, and other programs for promoting artists: Art Focus Oklahoma, the Virtual Gallery, and the Tulsa Art Studio Tour.

For questions, contact the OVAC office at 405-879-2400 or






Momentum OKC 2016 Artwork

Momentum OKC 2016 Patron Preview Party