OVAC Artist Gallery Profile: Narciso Argüelles

November 5, 2015

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The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition hosts the virtual Artist Gallery for members to show their work. With more artists unveiled all the time, the OVAC Artist Gallery is an excellent resource for anyone seeking artists for exhibitions, commissions, public art, or special projects. OVAC drives traffic to the site, and many artists have recieved commissions and exhibition opportunities via the OVAC Artist Gallery.

As part of this membership benefit, artists who regularly update their pages may be invited to have an interview on the blog. Today we feature OVAC member and Oklahoma City artist Narciso Argüelles. This interview was conducted by our current intern Jonathan Johnson. 

Jonathan Johnson: What is your history and involvement with OVAC?

Narciso Argüelles: I have been an OVAC member for years now. I have been blessed to receive a residency from OVAC [for the first Concept exhibition]. Also, I have had the pleasure to serve as a volunteer at several OVAC events and to have taught for OVAC as part of their education programming. I am very grateful to OVAC. Julia [Kirt, the former director,] and Kelsey [Karper, former associate director,] have been great supporters of me and the arts in Oklahoma, and of course the new director [Holly Moye] and staff continue to give so much to the art scene in Oklahoma. Many of my students have benefited greatly from OVAC educational programming and have received grants and been part of OVAC exhibitions.

The Occupied

Narciso Argüelles, “The Occupied,” Installation with wood, vellum, slide projects

While being a teacher of the arts, what views do you have on the younger generations contribution to art?

The contributions of the younger generations are very important. So many artists have fought for the rights for all artists. Issues regarding funding, racism, and censorship come to mind. It is important that the up-and-coming artistss to understand the barriers and challenges of past generations. It is important for the new generation to take up the cause as well as to contribute artistically.

Chicano Deconstruct

Narciso Argüelles, “Chicano Deconstruct,” Installation with bicycle, metal, neon and mirrors.

What do you hold as your greatest accomplishment and why?

As a teacher, I love it when my students succeed. There are so many it is difficult to pick just one. But a few years back, There was an exhibit that I curated with my current and former students for IAO Gallery. The exhibit was a huge success. As an artist, Perhaps my biggest accomplishment was when I represented Mexico and the United States in the Ninth Biennale of Sydney, Australia; an international art exhibit.

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