The Collaborative Works of Margaret & Scott Aycock

February 9, 2016

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This guest post by Margaret Aycock is an insight into her collaborative process with her husband Scott.

As a married couple, Scott and I have lived and worked together for over 35 years.  In the past our projects involved fun stuff like rehabbing old houses, laying wood floors, hanging wall paper, putting cabinets together, tiling bathrooms etc…. stuff that was made fun by the fact that we were doing it together.  Back then, Scott got to be the teacher as he shared all his knowledge of woodworking and using tools involved in that with me.


Scott Aycock, “Nevermore,” Oil on Canvas

Now we are finding that we also work well together doing things that we already love; poetry, song, painting.  This time around Scott wears the hat of writer, and I get to be editor for poetry and song, and I get to be the teacher and he, the student, with painting.  I might add that he is also my favorite editor for problem paintings.


Margaret Aycock, “Avery,” Oil on Canvas

When we were recently invited to show at TAC Gallery we were really able to enjoy the luxury of formally working together and both getting out of our comfort zones.   The show was called, “ In Tandem,” as that is how we find ourselves working.  For that show I had several finished paintings that inspired poems for Scott.  He had finished poems that were inspiration for new paintings.  Our favorite way to work though, was together, in the moment and on site, me with plein aire oil painting, and he with a poem or short story gleaned from being away from home and in nature.

We are presently creating a book of poetry and paintings.  In this book we will both share the tasks of writing and painting. I envision an end product that will be like a memoir of our creative lives together.

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