An Interview with Western Doughty

October 21, 2017

Tulsa Art Studio Tour

In the Spirit of Harry Dean Stanton, Western Doughty photography’



In conjunction with our Tulsa Art Studio Tour, we sent our Tour artists some questions to gain valuable insight to inspiring concepts and what life as an artist looks like.


Where are you originally from and how did you come to be a practicing artist in Tulsa?

“I retired from my corporate job after my wife finished her PhD at Washington University which allowed me to return working on my photo projects.”

Tell us a little bit about your work and the processes you utilize.

“Most of my projects stem from dreams or past experiences. I bullet point the scenes in my head, the story, try to analyze why and structure it from there. Then, I allow room for improvisation.”

Are there any people in your life or in the greater art world that have played a role in your work?

“I discovered my Dad’s copy of “Tulsa” on the top shelf of his library at nine years of age. When I saw the texture of the photos, some of the content which, I understood based on where I grew up I related to even at that age, I knew I wanted to be a photographer. Artistically my biggest influence would be Andrei Tarkovsky.”

What is the weirdest thing in your studio and what is its purpose?

“Oh wow, if you know me I have tons of weird things in my studio. I can’t pick one.”

Is there any advice you’d like to give to someone who is aspiring to follow in your footsteps?

“The biggest advice in this digital world I can give is learn about the history of what you do. Learn about the masters, study technique and never ever use anything but manual setting on a camera.”



The 2017 Tulsa Art Studio Tour is Saturday and Sunday, October 21-22, from noon to 5pm each day.

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