Memories of Landscapes: Jim Terrell, Tulsa Art Studio Tour artist

April 10, 2015

Tulsa Art Studio Tour

This guest post, by OVAC intern Jessica Legako, is part of our series leading up to the Tulsa Art Studio Tour featuring artists on the Tour, April 11-12. More info at

Jim Terrell sees himself as “a mark maker.”  He primarily works with acrylic, and is now working with open acrylic, which has different properties from normal acrylic and is in some ways closer to oils. He draws imagery, symbols, and compositions from nature.


Work in the studio of Jim Terrell

A long-time teacher, Terrell has taught high school and college students around Oklahoma in Claremore, Weatherford, and Broken Arrow, among other cities. Jim spends approximately 15 hours a week in his studio, where he strives to look, read, and paint. He takes forms and feelings and sees how far he can push them.  He will take a form and incorporate movement and time into the composition. He chooses the simplest, not the grandest, landscapes to depict. He would rather be in a simple meadow that is a field of color than at the Grand Canyon.


Jim Terrell in his la Maison Studio

He works from the memories of the landscapes that he sees and is a part of (his backyard, Oklahoma and Colorado landscapes), but instead of creating a realistic depiction of them, he creates an image that shows the forms and the feelings that he associates with those landscapes. He is deconstructing the form of a landscape. For the last ten years he considers himself lucky to have focused on painting full-time and has been able to take his practice to new heights in that time.

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