Pursuing Ideas: Ken Place, Tulsa Art Studio Tour Artist

April 8, 2015

Tulsa Art Studio Tour

This guest post, by OVAC intern Jessica Legako, is part of our series leading up to the Tulsa Art Studio Tour featuring artists on the Tour, April 11-12. More info at www.TulsaArtStudioTour.org

Ken Place’s creative spark is ignited by wood. He uses reclaimed lumber to fabricate imaginative landscapes and geometrical forms, often giving the illusion of depth. Ken loves the idea of recycling materials.  He takes the reclaimed sourced lumber, creates strips (or shapes) of wood, and carefully places and adjusts them to create landscapes and geometrical forms that imply depth.


Ken Place, “Illusion,” Oak and Maple, 21×22″

He both uses a variety of wood (with varying colors and grains) and stains the pieces.  The stains contribute to the three-dimensionality of his geometric shapes and the depth in his landscapes. “The wood will lead me to what I’m doing.”  Ken can look at the wood and see possibilities.


Ken Place in his Brady studio


Growing up with parents who both taught art, Place was always encouraged creating and living with passion. He would like people to see his work as unusual and unique—as a conversation piece and to provoke thought and conversation.  He would like to encourage people to try things out.  “Everybody has ideas—pursue those ideas!”

Meet & see the working studio of Place along with 15 other artists on April 11-12, noon until 5 pm on the Tulsa Art Studio TourFor more info, or to purchase tickets, visit www.TulsaArtStudioTour.org.