Weaving Life: Sally Bachman, Tulsa Art Studio Tour artist

April 7, 2015

Tulsa Art Studio Tour

This guest post, by OVAC intern Jessica Legako, is part of our series leading up to the Tulsa Art Studio Tour featuring artists on the Tour, April 11-12. More info at www.TulsaArtStudioTour.org

Bachman has been weaving for the past 46 years. She first discovered weaving on the next door farm of a Swedish family.  The Swedish grandmother had a large loom and wove wool rugs. When she was a young girl, Bachman and the neighbors’ children used to play in the room with the loom. She was fascinated by the machine. However, as an adult, she continued on to be a Clinical teaching nurse and didn’t rediscover weaving until she lived in DC and a friend suggested a weaving class.  Started weaving and liked it better than nursing.


Newspaper on a loom in Sally Bachman’s WaterWorks Studio


She works primarily in Kona cotton, but also weaves together strips of newspaper to create a unique “fabric” with a variety of patterns from the recycled materials. Sally likes using the paper because it is a random process and each item has a different look because of the pattern created from the print juxtaposition.  She is 75 years old and started weaving when her daughter was 6 months old, her daughter is now 37.


Sally Bachman in her studio

Bachman’s impressive history with weaving shows in her skilled work, using many non-traditional materials to create interesting and creative forms. Bachman has a passion for teaching others this timeless craft, and encourages others to create and experiment through her work at Tulsa’s WaterWorks center.

Meet & see the working studio of Prigmore along with 15 other artists on April 11-12, noon until 5 pm on the Tulsa Art Studio TourFor more info, or to purchase tickets, visit www.TulsaArtStudioTour.org.