12×12 artist Yvonne Kauger

September 11, 2014

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Today we feature the work of our 12×12 Art Fundraiser Artist Yvonne Kauger.

Yvonne Kauger is a fourth generation Oklahoman from Colony, Oklahoma, who serves the State of Oklahoma as a Justice on the Oklahoma Supreme Court. She was born with art in her  heart and she has incorporated art into nearly any activity or project she has taken on. She founded the Gallery of the Plains Indian in Colony and co-founded Red Earth.

In November of 2005, Kauger recieved the Governor’s Art Award. In 2012, she again recieved the Governor’s Art Award for her work in creating an extensive public art collection in the Oklahoma Judicial Center. She also led the creation of an art book entitled “Art of the Oklahoma Judicial Center.” Over the years, Kauger has collected many wonderful treasures from Oklahoma Native American artists.

She has recently taken up creating art herself by learning to sculpt clay into “people” which her staff has affectionately labeled “Kaugirls” and “Kauboys.” Her sculptures are inspired by her admiration of her grandmother and close friends. She takes great pride in passing on her love of art to her daughter and her grandsons.

Her Kaugirls’ series is based on her Grandmother, Annie Belle Gordon Bottom, who came to Oklahoma in a covered wagon when she was eight years old. Annie attended the University of Oklahoma, lived in Boyd House, worked for President Boyd and his family, and named Kauger’s Mother, Alice for the Boyd’s daughter. She loved Elwood Whitenack Bottom, her nine children, six sisters, thirty grandchildren, quilting, her signature french twist hairdo, and her hats. She died when she was ninety-seven when her body just wore out. She never lost her beauty, her love of adventure, her wit, or her memory.

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