The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s Artist Survival Kit (ASK) workshop series addresses marketing, technology, and organizational skills artists need to thrive. This ongoing series of events promote professionalism and is structured as a helpful forum for Oklahoma artists.

Upcoming Workshops:

Artist Survival Kit (ASK) Workshop: Exhibition Ready

February 23rd, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

During this workshop, participants will learn about the tools and commitment it takes to build your own frames, ins, and outs of having work framed and building crates. How-to resources will be included. Soft and hybrid crate building will be covered, along with installation tools, techniques, and exhibition best practices.

Registration will be $15 for OVAC members and $20 for all others. Space will be limited, so plan to reserve your spot!

Email to get the OVAC member discount code.

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Past Workshops:

Artist Survival Kit (ASK) Workshop: Good News! Press Releases and More With Nathan Gunter

A press release can be a great way to spread the word about an upcoming event, but it needs to be properly written, formatted and distributed. Nathan Gunter is the Editor-in-Chief of Oklahoma Today and will be guiding participants through the process of writing and distributing a press release. You’ll learn what to do about including images, how to attract attention through your write-up, and situations that might not be appropriate for sending a press release.

Artist Survival Kit (ASK) Workshop: Business of Art 101

This workshop will get your portfolio in top shape for upcoming opportunities! Learn how to capture the best images of your artwork, write a fresh artist statement, and polish your resume.

Artist Survival Kit (ASK) Workshop: Public Art

In this workshop artists, professionals, and communities will be brought together to learn the ins and outs of public art submissions and commissions. We will start with a case study of Trace with Grace Grothaus and Geoffrey Hicks. This temporary public artwork is installed at the Center of the Universe in the Tulsa Arts District.

Artist Survival Kit (ASK) Workshop: Vital Visual Documentation

This workshop is an overview of photo and video documentation practices for artists looking to improve the way they represent their work. It will cover the purpose and benefits of documentation; photographing finished art with a DSLR camera, basic lighting, and digital photo processing; as well as video documentation of artistic processes or dynamic artwork, with simple editing instruction. The intent is to direct artists in considering their documentation carefully, as it often is the only representation of their work in professional situations. Your documentation should tell a compelling story about your art and practice to your clients, patrons, curators, and gallerists without them having to see the physical work itself.