Capturing the Invisible

  • 5 Jul 2024
  • 31 Jul 2024
  • Little D Gallery

An image of a painting by Larry Hefner.
Capturing the Invisible

An Abstract art exhibit curated by Narciso Argüelles


Amė Hernandez, Autumn S Klein, And Larry Hefner

Nonrepresentational art is sometimes referred to as abstract art because it attempts to capture an “abstract” idea that is intangible or invisible like “love” or “jazz”. Certainly the artists utilize the art elements of LINE, SHAPE and COLOR to communicate their ideas along with the design principles of RHYTHM, PATTERN and BALANCE. Sometimes the subject matter is COLOR itself. Amė studied design in Dallas and currently is the owner of Tryst Design Co in Oklahoma City. Autumn is a ballerina who paints with the canvas on the floor using her pointe shoes. She was a principal dancer for the Oklahoma City Ballet and currently dances for other ballet companies in the US. Larry was the department chair for the University of Central Oklahoma Design Department and is now retired and paints full time.


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