Join us in celebrating 30 years of OVAC!


For our Anniversary, we have created a new mini-website, found at The mini-website is a way for the community to interact with the organization’s history through a responsive timeline, an interactive map, oral histories, and testimonials. You can become part of the history through the live social media feed! Use the hashtag, #ovac30th on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, so that you can share your story of how OVAC has impacted you and see it directly integrated into the 30th website!

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OVAC on Gallery.

Learn about OVAC’s programs and mission in this feature from OETA’s “Gallery” show.

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Art Focus Magazine.


Featured Artist.

Carla Hefley

My art has evolved in a short amount of time but my first love has always been to paint flowers of some kind. I venture off to landscapes and animals but will always come back to flowers in some form. They make me happy, they make others happy.

I often find myself in a restaurant, diner or even a friend’s house and the flowers on the table or the décor drive me to snap a photo and quickly go back to my easel to paint it. I look at a photo or a scene and get the desire to recreate it on canvas.

With recent portrait workshops, I'm dipping into the world of portraits too.

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