Join us in celebrating 30 years of OVAC!

For our Anniversary, we have created a new mini-website, found at The mini-website is a way for the community to interact with the organization’s history through a responsive timeline, an interactive map, oral histories, and testimonials. You can become part of the history through the live social media feed! Use the hashtag, #ovac30th on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, so that you can share your story of how OVAC has impacted you and see it directly integrated into the 30th website!

OVAC on Gallery.

Learn about OVAC’s programs and mission in this feature from OETA’s “Gallery” show.

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Art Focus Magazine.

Featured Artist.

Jim Rode

Art flows from the fingers of the artist into the medium of choice. I believe we absorb the color of the art we see. Arts steeping color restores us like a good cup of tea. Art is a desire to live differently.
Too often we fool ourselves in what we buy. We accept white and grey and boredom for our walls. We’ve been taught to want “natural”. We buy “real” vitamins, “whole” food, “natural” water (in plastic bottles), and simple pinewood furniture designs shipped from an Ikea forest. Deep within us we long for a more colorful world. I paint so we have color as a refuge to be ourselves.

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