12 x 12 artist Lisa Jean Allswede

September 4, 2014

12x12 Art Fundraiser

Written by OVAC Intern Lauren Rosenfelt.
Today we feature the work of our 12×12 Art Fundraiser 
Artist Lisa Jean Allswede

Lisa Jean Allswede creates magic on a sewing machine called Huskystar 219. Her artwork plies a variety of textile techniques and common place materials to depict the untold beauty found in imperfections. She has exhibited her work in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. In May 2014, Lisa Jean has become the gallery owner of The Project Box located in the Paseo Arts District.

What gave you the inspiration to mix media in the way you did to create your artwork?

Curiosity is what drives my inspiration. I am constantly figuring and misconfiguring combinations together until I achieve a harmonious composition that captures my idea. Lately, I have been mixing traditional materials in non-traditional ways. My current fascination is using a sewing machine to sew on materials like paper, plastic and photographs.


When starting out as an artist, what was your toughest challenge?

For me the most challenging part of starting out as an artist was understanding the nuances of operating the business end of art making.

Could you tell us about the process of creating one of your pieces?

My creative process for each piece focuses around exploration. Once the idea is conceived, I search for the right materials and tools to create the work. At this point in my career, my artwork incorporates abstract stitching from my sewing machine. I fluctuate between stitches, tension and width on my Huskystar 219. These alterations weave together a conglomerate of loops and snarls on top of the paper’s surface. To me, these tangled mistakes become whimsical lines that add depth to the composition. Sometimes the piece I am working on includes nail enamel, house paints, charcoal or even lighting. The embellishments are dependent upon the idea that is being conveyed.

Finding Beauty in the Strangest Places

Finding Beauty in the Strangest Places”, Photograph, Zipper, Straight Pins, Tacks 9 Thread

As far as subject matter, my work addresses the concepts of motherhood, beauty, social issues, and cultural differences.

View and purchase artwork by 150 Oklahoma artists September 19, 2014 at the 12×12 Art Fundraiser.  Buy tickets, read more and see pictures at www.12x12okc.org