12 x 12 artist Marilyn Artus

September 9, 2014

12x12 Art Fundraiser

Written by OVAC Intern Lauren Rosenfelt.
Today we feature the work of our 12×12 Art Fundraiser Artist Marily Artus


 Marilyn is a native Oklahoman. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor of Fine Arts she became a commercial artist working in the gift industry. In 2003 she co-founded The Girlie Show, an all female art festival that had a 10 year run in Oklahoma City that encouraged female creativity in Oklahoma, as well as throughout the US. She then left her commercial art job and began a career as a visual artist in 2008. In 2009 Marilyn founded a branch of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School, a cabaret life drawing class that she ran for four years in OKC. You can usually find Marilyn at her sewing machine with vinyl or paper under the foot pedal or with a needle in her hand sewing on canvas.

What is the process of deciding what to create and the meaning you want it to hold?

I keep up with politics and world news and it is a factor in what I am making at the time. I naturally have a feminist focus to my pieces, so all of my works come from that place. Every work that I create has a message and a thought out purpose. They are usually a mix of my own explorations of being a woman with bigger more universal issues woven into the finished works.

Did your childhood influence your work? If so could you please explain?

 Art making for me is a way of therapy. I struggle with the messages I was exposed to being a female child of the 70’s and teenager of the 80’s. All of my pieces are a very personal expression of those experiences.

What inspired you to  mix your art’s media in the way you have chosen?

 I use fiber arts within all my art making so far in my journey as a artist. I like the media and the symbolism that goes along with it. Hand or machine stitching on unexpected materials like paper, canvas or vinyl is often where I find myself. I watched my female family members stitch and sew and it was natural for me to take this technique and reinterpret it with my voice.  Sewing is a symbol of bondage to the home for me. I create female focused work and the technique helps me communicate my thoughts about being a woman.

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