12×12 Artist Ronna Pernell

August 18, 2015

12x12 Art Fundraiser

Today we feature an interview with one of our 12×12 Art Fundraiser featured artists,  Ronna Pernell of Oklahoma City. A self-taught Artist, Ronna Pernell has been creating art since grade school and showing her work professionally since 2006. 

What inspires youto create art?
I’m inspired by what I see, and create my interpretation to make it come to life.
I like looking in the detail of that image and telling a story.

How do you know when a piece is finished?
Well, really an artpiece is never really finished. But just a feeling
that i have that it is okay to stop.



Ronna Pernell, “Love Love etc etc,” Pen and Ink. Available at the 2015 12×12 Art Fundraiser. Bids start at $175.

What is your thought process behind the work or piece this year’s
12×12 ?
I challenge myself to step outside the box, mainly I do portraits, and I am challenged a little in color. For this piece I changed the subject matter while sticking
with the same style (stippling). I am looking to present something with a deep meaning that will touch all to show love.

Where else can viewers see your work?
On the OVAC Artist Gallery or at www.pernell.images.com.

View and purchase artwork by 175 Oklahoma artists at the 12×12 Art Fundraiser, September 11, 2015 at the Science Museum Oklahoma. The 12×12 Art Fundraiser supports the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s programs, supporting artists statewide. Learn more at www.12x12okc.org.