12×12 Artist Trent Lawson

September 1, 2015

12x12 Art Fundraiser |

Today we feature an interview with one of our 12×12 Art Fundraiser featured artists, Trent Lawson of Oklahoma City.  Trent Lawson has been chasing the velvet dragon since 2010.

What inspires you to create art?
I like the challenge and unique look and feel of velvet painting and I’m having a lot of fun taking inspiration from the mass amounts of pop culture I’ve consumed in my lifetime. It’s the process that keeps me going and not necessarily the end product.

How do you know when a piece is finished?
Generally when I’ve pushed the painting as far as I think I can and can’t think of anything more to add to it. Then I stare at it off and on for a couple days and if I’m still satisfied, I call it done.

LawsonTrent_When Harry Met Yoda

Trent Lawson, “When Harry Met Yoda,” Acrylic on Black Velvet. Available at the 2015 12×12 Art Fundraiser. Bids start at $175.

What do you hope viewers take away from your works?
I hope viewers take away a smile and a lightened spirit. And maybe an itch to revisit some classic movie or tv show I’m riffing on.

Where else can viewers see your work?
Well, I just had a show end in Paseo… so right now it’s just online, Facebook (sporkguy), Instagram (@sporkguy), and my website (www.trentlawson.net)

View and purchase artwork by 175 Oklahoma artists at the 12×12 Art Fundraiser, September 11, 2015 at the Science Museum Oklahoma. The 12×12 Art Fundraiser supports the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s programs, supporting artists statewide. Learn more at www.12x12okc.org.