A Reflection of the Inscape: Gloria Shows, Momentum OKC 2016 Spotlight Artist

December 1, 2015

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As a part of Momentum OKC, three artists will receive $2,000 Momentum Spotlight commissions to create new artwork with feedback from guest curators. Selected Momentum Spotlight artists are Klair Larason of Oklahoma City, Haley Prestifilippo of Norman, and Gloria Shows of Oklahoma City.

Gloria Shows’ detailed woodcut prints investigate personal identity through surreal and figurative imagery. Shows received one of three Spotlight awards for Momentum OKC for her project A Reflection of the Inscape, which will debut at Momentum OKC, March 4 &5.

“As a result of growing up in a constantly moving military family, my artwork investigates my personal identity and how one defines home,” says Shows.

For her spotlight project, Shows will paint and embroider linen to make curtains, which will surround a small enclosure and an immersive environment for viewers to walk in, and around. Shows will be “focusing on the internal environment and how it is projected on to our world view.”

These works on linen will both conceal and disclose an internal environment, using symbols of eulogy from England and Japan, where Shows has lived.

“Cultural symbols which stood out to me in my youth have been extracted from their original cultural context and reinterpreted,” says Shows.


Glora Shows, “Inwards,” Linocut Print, 18”x24”, 2015


Like her previous work, poppies and cherry blossoms will play a prominent role in the imagery created. “These floral symbols highlight the themes of transience,” says Shows, “and the cycle of life and death which are essential to personal growth.”

Momentum Spotlight will not just be significant for Shows in her creation of large scale work, but also for her personal growth. On the inside, the curtains will show a distant past, and on the outside, they will represent her more recent past. These scenes will reflect on her upbringing overseas in Japan and England.

“Experiencing divergent cultures in my youth, I struggle to answer the question of where I come from,” says Shows.


Glora Shows, “Fuka,” Linocut Print, 18”x24”, 2015

At the exhibition openings March 4 & 5, visitors will be able to see Show’s large scale curtains and experience her questions of transience. “The primary purpose of this piece,” says Shows, “is to address how personal narrative is influenced by cultural symbols pertaining to the theme of change.”

Momentum OKC features visual art by young Oklahomans, March 4 & 5. Oklahoma artists 30 and younger are invited to submit works to Momentum OKC’s survey exhibition, deadline January 25 by 5pm. Learn more at www.MomentumOklahoma.org