Long Distance Call: Erin Raux, Momentum Tulsa 2015 Spotlight Artist

June 24, 2015

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As a part of Momentum Tulsa, three artists will receive $2,000 Momentum Spotlight commissions to create new artwork with feedback from guest curators, America Meredith (Santa Fe, NM) and Mary Kathryn Moeller (Tulsa, OK). Selected Momentum Spotlight artists are Ashley Farrier of Stillwater, Ellen Moershel of Norman, and Erin Raux of Norman. 

Erin Raux examines loss through objects of memory. Raux received one of three Spotlight awards for Momentum Tulsa for her project Long Distance Call, which will debut at Momentum Tulsa, October 2.

Her past works use materials like panty hose and wax, giving viewers the feel of skin or body, combined with mundane found objects. Raux’s shrine-like installations and surreal objects prompt viewers to recall memories, contemplate loss and the past, and seek connections between seemingly disparate objects.

Erin Raux, "Hair Memorials, Bones, and Other Oddities"

Erin Raux, “Hair Memorials, Bones, and Other Oddities,” Metal rings, ceramic, plastic praying hands, wax, crochet thread, bones, human hair, horse hair, pantyhose, lace, silver tray, wood, hammer head, ink, plaster casted teeth.

“After the death of my grandmother I have been exploring topics of death, history, memory, and connection with special interest in Spiritualism of the late 1800s and connecting with the dead,” says Raux.

For Long Distance Call, Raux will create a phone booth in which visitors may speak to those lost. Using hair, dirt, nylon, wax and audio, Raux will create an ornate shrine-like space in which visitors may use the phone to talk with the deceased.

In addition to the installation, Raux will provide “build your own shrine” kits, containing candles, paper, pens, and faux flowers for visitors to investigate their own method of bereavement.

Raux asks, “How do we choose to connect with the dead? Can we make simply make a phone call?”

Erin Raux, “Long Distance Call"

Erin Raux, “Long Distance Call,”  Cardboard, wax, projection, candles, telephone, faux flowers, audio, 32x19x54”

Though the work deals with loss, Raux hopes the subject matter does not make viewers morose, but rather warrants contemplation and remembering.

“I want to create a space…. that gives the impression of sacredness, [and] allows the viewer to feel comfortable”.

At the exhibition opening October 2nd, visitors will be able to interact and experience Raux’s project.

Momentum Tulsa features visual art by young Oklahomans, opening October 2 for First Friday at Living Arts of Tulsa, 307 E Brady. Oklahoma artists 30 and younger are invited to submit works to Momentum Tulsa’s survey exhibition, deadline August 1 by 5pm. Learn more at www.MomentumOklahoma.org