Momentum OKC 2014 Re-cap

April 15, 2014


Here we take a look back at this year’s Momentum OKC, March 7th&8th at the Farmer’s Public Market.

With almost 2,000 people opening weekend and lots of fun and entertainment, we consider Momentum OKC 2014 a huge success. Crowds flocked opening weekend to see talent from over 100 Oklahoma artists 30 and younger and bought over $15,000 worth of art.


Our Audience feedback shows that Momentum OKC makes a good impact on our state’s culture of art, as well as a general sense of positivity from our audience that the state of art in Oklahoma is improving.


These charts show that 100% of our audience surveyed finds Momentum as meaningful for the art environment in our state. Our annual artist survey also recently rated Momentum as our most influential program that we put on. It’s clear that fueling young artists is important to the vitality and longevity of art in Oklahoma.


Over 250 people responded to our survey on Momentum, and thought not everyone was a first-timer, they indicated that they would recommend OVAC’s Momentum, as well as return next year. That said, Momentum is not just a great art show, its also a great party for our artists and their friends.

graph2  graph3

As much as we love hearing large amounts of overwhelmingly positive feedback, we also listen to, and take to heart, our honest, negative feedback. We listen to comments and hope that we can learn from our experiences to improve our quality of programs. For instance, one thing we heard this year about Momentum OKC was that, where as people enjoyed the music, it was too loud for some of our audience. As our committee convened we discussed the importance of focusing on the art and truly making a distinction in musical selection between “Downtempo” Friday night and “Fullspeed” Saturday night at Momentum OKC 2015.


Momentum OKC 2014 Spotlight Artists and Award Winners

OVAC is glad to have encouraged artists with awards and opportunity for exhibition. This year’s Momentum featured music from 7 different local acts, food from local food trucks, interactive projects created by our committee and great art made by young Oklahomans. We are so grateful for all the people who helped make it happen. Thank you everyone for a great Momentum. We can’t wait for next year!