Momentum Spotlight Artist Interview: Brenna Baer

January 5, 2018


In progress Spotlight project

Tell me about your relationship wth OVAC and how that started?

I learned about OVAC while I was a student at Oklahoma State University. My peers were entering contests and attending events, so I became interested and wanted to get involved. I had just finished my senior exhibition and decided to enter my paintings in the OVAC Momentum Spotlight contest.

What are your goals for your Spotlight project?

My spotlight project will be 3 paintings of life size nude figures. I’m focusing on themes such as individuality, the body and our relation to modern surroundings. The paintings will be done using acrylic, glue and silicone, which reference the synthetic materials that we interact with in our current world. The result will be very color rich, textural paintings which confront and communicate with the viewer.

What do you feel may be a challenge you will face as a Spotlight Artist?

One challenge will be balancing traditional and experimental painting techniques within the same painting and figuring out how to meld the two into something cohesive. That struggle is what drives my work and makes me excited about creating new visual strategies.

What is the most exciting aspect of getting to be a Spotlight Artist?

I’m looking forward to sharing my paintings with others. I like to make my work bold, large and exciting, so it’s great to see other people experience viewing them when they finally exit the isolation of my studio.


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